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Steps to be planned before starting the event 

No matter how the event bigger the pressure for the organizers is always same. period. You have to be on the time to shine and to prove your words and keep your reputations on the high. You have to plan for months to make a single D-day worth and remarkable.

Split the months and make the checklists for every three months once ahead of the event and complete it in the flawless manner.

Select the date

How to select the date for your events is the very important question you have to raise to yourself, because based on this factor you have to arrange the rest of the things. This element stands alone to determine your event’s success or failure. You always don’t have to stick with the particular date but eliminate the wrong possibilities by avoiding dates when your competitor planning the event. Don’t ever try to clash your event’s dates with your competitors’ event’s dates.  It’s all just because to outshine them.

And also never go for official holidays like religious holidays and public holidays when the possibilities are higher for the people to taking nap in the home or staying with close relatives and friends and again don’t go for important political and public events. Avoid Monday. But surely choose the dates which fall on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Book the venue

After you avoided the unnecessary dates and fixed with particular dates, the next biggest, as well as the hectic thing is finding the perfect venue for your event. Book the venues at the earliest to avoid last-minute hurry-burry. It will save you money and free you from the headache. Choose the venue based on your budget, size of the events, and state of art facilities. But the searching of venue includes the following parameters like location, parking facilities,  transportation, venue capacity, services and amenities provided by event halls, cost and flexibility on the event dates. Make the checklist for this alone to get the better venue for the best events.

Event master plan

As I previously mentioned, pre-planning helps you to reduce the stress on the event day. List out your every execution checklist from A to Z. Coordinate your plans with your teammates to understand the core responsibilities they have on particular events. Book and pay the cheques to the venues, for logistics, catering management, speakers, presenters. Arrange the entertainment which has the same wavelength of the event.  

At this stage, you have to look up the process to start the online and offline promotions and advertisement regarding your event if it is all about the biggest client. Arrange the volunteers and divide the responsibilities to everyone.  

Cost estimations for event

This is prominent. Core. Think before you take a bigger step. Ask yourself that your product or service need that much bigger event. You say so, what is the budget you are planning to provide for the event? Money is all about. If you are unable to make much money, you can fundraise through social media, if your event gives a ray of hope to solve the social problems and issues. Unless it won’t help you much. Sharp your budgeting skills. You have estimated the cost for all the plans like venue, invitations, transportation, speakers fees, housekeeping, food, security, decorations, temporary manpower. We both know how hard it is to save a single penny in our economical crisis. Spend wisely. If you think any particular idea or spend is unnecessary, don’t think twice. Just eliminate from your event plan. Consider all the factors mentioned above and rock your event. 

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