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Rural Marketing 

In India, Rural Marketing is an evolving concept which takes actions to develop, price, and promote the locally produced goods in the exchange of their needs and wants. Every decade, we could see a sufficient amount of developments from the rural areas where the trends are changing and turning gradually into the urban lifestyles, exposures, habits, and even purchasing styles.

The successful graph of the rural marketing and activities depends upon the population, cost of living, capita consumption expenditure and some other scale-able factors. Most successful pavement made to the rural areas through these marketing methods is Two wheelers, TVs, fridges, and household appliances. Cars are the things which rural Indians find more attractive in recent times. Cash rich farmers are affording it now. 

Differences between rural and urban marketing

Urbanized citizen would look at the products which are more stylish and innovative while the rural customers would go for the products which give good quality for the money they pay. There are many media can be used to search for the goods to buy in an urban sector. Rural areas, people go after the interactive approaches. Marketers look for more profit in the urban area business deals. Making a good impact on the brand and its values to the people are the main goal for rural marketing.

Concepts of Rural Marketing

Rural Marketing is not something which explains pure rocket science. It is similar to all the marketing methods but the target audiences are the people who are living in rural areas. Every Indian metropolitan city depends upon its sub-urban and rural areas for food and other sustainable goods. Metropolis, cities, and villages are connected for the effective economic growth of the country. Rural marketing methods are mainly focusing to give better purchasing opportunities to the villagers with durable and non-durable goods as well as agriculture-based products. These marketing methods gradually make the pavements to sell manufacturing goods in rural areas as well as the agricultural products in the urban area.

Understand your target customers

You have to understand that two markets are never alike so did the customers from the rural. Their needs are something different from others which basically depend upon their geographical conditions. All the products don’t go well because most of the village dwellers or target group are seasonal consumers. Monsoon alone makes them richer and it increases the chances to afford new things to buy. Plan according to that if you are going to market something in the rural areas. You will face many challenges while executing the activities. Power issues, transportation, poor roads, lack of advertising media, lack of awareness are some real difficulties what marketers face recent times.

The companies who reached well in Rural India

Well-known soft drink manufacturer in the world created several hubs across India to reach rural customers. Coca Cola thinks there are new possibilities and opportunities.

One of the largest MNCs in the country, Hindustan Unilever has a strong distribution bastion in every state of India. They distribute the goods to the customers by carrying them on the rough roads with the help of auto rickshaws and carts.

India’s telephonic services reached more customers in the rural. Even in the high altitude mountains or remote villages are having BSNL networks. Are you planning to travel Leh Ladak? You would find it out who is the father of rural marketing in the terms of Network.

Banking, electricity, television cable connections, telephonic services, life & medical insurances, and very important government schemes like KCC, PMJJBY reached more villagers.

In Tamil Nadu, Hutsun Agro Products also known as bring the dairy products directly from the farms to the urban markets with the latest packing technologies. 

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