Orthoone Cyclothone Rally

Orthoone – Cyclathone

Client Brief

Spread the love and care. Maintaining good mental health and physical health are the true symbols of real wealthy. We were excited to do an awareness oriented campaign for the ortho health as Ortho One approached us. The campaign ran by Ortho One- Orthopaedic Speciality centre in Coimbatore and we brought the event to the public and created awareness about the sports such as cycling for knee treatment.


Event took place in Ortho One’s ground and its surrounding of 10 Kilo meter for rally. We have placed the stage inside the ground with the slogan of “Spin the wheel for healthy knee” as a statement of this event. Stage gave the place for the cyclists who participated in that event to get know about the purpose of the rally. Most of the Orthopedicians from Ortho One were actively participated in this event. Rally were started from the ground and it took all 10 km long on the Trichy and ended inside the same ground. We have arranged the press meet to cover the story. Refreshments also provided to the participants. Participants have to cover the given track to make the awareness to the public regarding the health issues occurring in knee and cycling.


The message was neatly conveyed to the public. Most of the people who affected with Knee problems approached the hospital to get the proper solutions.