Mall Activation Event Coimbatore

Honda Motorcycles HET Launch

Client Brief
Targeted audience for every product may vary time to time. Sometimes they may be drivers, common
people, adventure seekers, players, and the list goes on. But attracting the youngsters and new
generations who are already very great in the knowledge of new coming products in the market
whether it is E-gadgets or bikes or cars. Launching a vehicle among the new generations takes great
effort. Great effort is nothing but new and creative ideas to attract them. Launching a Honda Activa was
certainly needed the new ideas.

What attracts youngsters? The colorful and joyful event. What comes under the colorful and joyful
event? Dance – a quite good answer. Games – okay, we thought, we could access more attention from
them, but a fashion show, like a cat-walk, great to think. What would happen if we have combined three
of the above programs under a single activity? The answer to this question enthralled everyone in the
Mall. We have arranged three activities in the Fun Mall to launch Honda Activa HET.

This BTL included press coverage to publish a news on the launch of Honda Activa HET. Usually, all the
launches are happening in star hotels with product dealers and suppliers and it remains closed-loop
program till the product reaches the consumers, but this launch enables the way to reach the audience
directly. The point of the event was to make people know about the new product on the market.