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DECATHLON Launch Activations

Client Brief

When clients approach us for the launch activities what would run in our mind is the beginning. The good beginning is the good end or probably most important part of the process is done. We tend to provide the very great beginning for our clients. Decathlon Sports India approached us to give the magnificent opening to their first showroom in South India. Sports-related showroom should be the attractive place for the people who love to stay fit. Targeting them and transporting the message about the opening ceremony was our task.


We have arranged a van with a table tennis court. We have focused the areas which had playing grounds, indoor sports clubs, and residential areas to pass the message. We hired two table tennis players to play the game before the audience in a mobile van and they had asked people to participate the game. This activity encouraged the audience and the people who won the game had their offer coupons.


The above event led us to gather more public on the opening ceremony. We have arranged traditional Chanda Mela to welcome the customers and chief guests. Placed a small registration table to collect the database which will be useful for our clients in future to provide the additional offers, introductory offers, and discounts on a special day for their new customers.