Brand Identity – Vaibhogam

Client : Raj Melodies, Coimbatore

Type of work: Brand Identity

Client wanted to create a new theme, for their new venture “Vaibhogam” Wedding decor and Wedding Management

Theme of Identity

  1. Choosing a bouquet for the theme
    resembling with gift, celebration & event
  2. The Word Vaibhogam’s “V”, Wedding Planner’s
    “W & P” put to gather mingled and created bouncy,
    flexible, energetic & elastic ribbon inside the
  3. The Green resembles ever green memory
    & the Pink resembles adroit beauty of wedding decoration
  4. The Fixed Width Fonts stands for sophisticated,
    unique, flawless, unique & uninterrupted services..

    We created a complete brand manual for the new brand. to see the complete Brand Manual. Call us at +91 9092244041