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BAJAJ Two wheelers Comfort challenge

Client Brief

Bajaj is being one of our great clients and this time our bond is united to give the experience of Platina to the bike lovers. Getting attention from the people is art but master skills are required to make the audience to the customers. Here, we ran another experiential event for Platina. All we have required was to study the additional values that drive more customers to Platina. We have studied and implemented the idea into the track on the ground. Here you go, to know what we have done more than 20 places in Tamilnadu. This event idea was the milestone in our graph. Our tasks are to let the customers know about the mileage and smooth drive of Platina.


We prepared a ground, placed the track route and arranged it with gravel, sand, hump, and mud. Along with track setup, we made stalls for registration, inquiry, feedback collection, and exchange portal. Pamphlets were provided two days before the event occurred in the place. People are encouraged to participate in the test drive by our team while we hired a mimicry artist to perform and entertain the people who were waiting for their turn.

Track design:

The track is designed in a single route with four of our team members stood at each end of the track to guide the participants. Participants must have started to ride their own vehicle on the track at the starting end. Participants bikes were attached with mobile to capture the jumps and vibrations which causes the back pain to the riders. While they ride the bike, the live video was streamed on the Screen for the viewers. Once they reached the end of the track, our team members handed them Bajaj Platina for the test drive. This up and down ride made all the differences between the Platina and other bikes. Participants were extremely happy with the ride they made with Bajaj Platina. That was the message we wanted to convey from our clients to our participants.


Registrations and feedback forms were gathered from the riders and some of them wished to exchange their bike with New Bajaj Platina. In future, our clients can use the feedback forms and their contact details to let them know about the new offers and launches of Bajaj Two Wheelers. We have successfully done this idea in various places around Tamil Nadu.