Bajaj Show room on Wheels

BAJAJ RE Showroom on wheels

Client Brief

The way of advertising speaks better than anything. We believed and we made the successful root by believing this one formula. Our beloved Bajaj reached us for another time to showcase what is RE to the targeted segment. The target segments were auto stands, auto drivers, the people who want to set their career in transports. Audience nowadays is expecting much more from the clients than the pamphlets and notices and notice boards.


The old way of advertising takes us nowhere recent days. So we have planned to gain the customers by giving the visual treat and the sense of touch like every virtual outlet. We set up a small showroom on the tempo which had the spare parts of the Auto such as engine and all. We traveled all day long to our target segments and asked auto drivers to visit our virtual outlet. Inside the outlet, we placed a monitor to show the features of the RE and we have registered the contact details of the customers. Once we gathered the customers we had explained the features RE had and differentiated it with other autos in a proper chart format.


We ran the campaign for almost fifteen days in Chennai. Rewarded the auto drivers fuel coupon for hundred rupees. We converted the n-number of the audience into the RE customers who took the test drive. Later we ran the same campaign in 6 different places in Tamilnadu. This is our another roadshow marketing method successfully done with the help of mobile van advertising idea