Bajaj RE power Challenge All over Tamilnadu

BAJAJ Maxima Power challenge

Client Brief
The myriad of services are offered by Mangofruit but clients like Bajaj Maxima is different and their
requirement from an event planning company is totally different. we did an event called Power challenge.
This one is an experiential marketing event. Technologies, ideas, and expectations are the most rapidly growing
domain in the automobile field. Our clients approached us to make an impact of Bajaj maxima to the
users like three-wheeler owners, and travel agencies. Our client has done marketing to the maximum
before they approached us but it didn’t make all the way as they thought. All they wanted us to convey
the meaning of Maxima to the new users. Maximum mileage, maximum loading capacity, and maximize
results are running beyond the meaning of Maxima…


This quiet and unique requirement let us think about the new perception to reach the audience where
notices, online promotions, and pamphlets are literally failed. We decided to give the experience of the
Maxima to the users. But driving the targeted audience to the events were tedious, so we have planned
challenging event for our client and their soon to be customers. We create a track set and a benchmark
driving time done by Maxima expert driver. We called the auto drivers to attend the challenge and
complete this task. We have provided 100 Rs/- fuel coupon along with refreshments.

Track design:

For a pilot activation, we ran this campaign at Mettupalayam, Coimbatore district, TN… We made a track
with ramp, clay portion, mud portion, and gravel portions and the drivers are asked to complete the
entire task within the benchmark time. If they had completed the task, they might be rewarded with
cash. Most of the drivers who attended this event failed to complete the task. The event also had the
reception, spares display, finance counter, and exchange counter. Customers who were wished to
exchange their three-wheelers had exchanged them and who wished to take the test drive also rode the


This event earned us great response and feedbacks. After its grand success, we ran a chain of 29 events
in different locations in Tamil Nadu (Mostly all Tier II and Tier III Towns). The same idea was carry
forwarded to other states by Bajaj Maxima.