Orthoone Cyclothone Rally

Orthoone – Cyclathone

Client Brief Spread the love and care. Maintaining good mental health and physical health are the true symbols of real wealthy. We were excited to

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Bajaj RE power Challenge All over Tamilnadu

BAJAJ Maxima Power challenge

Client BriefThe myriad of services are offered by Mangofruit but clients like Bajaj Maxima is different and theirrequirement from an event planning company is totally

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Bajaj Show room on Wheels

BAJAJ RE Showroom on wheels

Client Brief The way of advertising speaks better than anything. We believed and we made the successful root by believing this one formula. Our beloved

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Brand Activation Market Activation in Coimbatore

Ashokleyland Dost BS4

Client Brief In the world of heavy competitions, we tend to choose the right and reliable products in the market. It’s not just about the

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Mall Activation Event Coimbatore

Honda Motorcycles HET Launch

Client BriefTargeted audience for every product may vary time to time. Sometimes they may be drivers, commonpeople, adventure seekers, players, and the list goes on.

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