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A detailed view on BTL activities 

BTL activities 

Businesses from different sectors decide which type marketing methods and activation the company needs to promote is business. Most of the startup, new to the fields, small scale go for BTL activation while the big giants with abundance budget choose the ATL. Another technical term is there, TTL. Through the Line marketing which combines both ATL and BTL. The integration of ATL and BTL provides better results.  

BTL Activation

Below the line activation often known as BTL activation. Building awareness for a company is very important to grow your business. Below The Line literally helps the company which is a startup or small scale. Interactive activities take place to build a strong relationship between the brand and the customers. It gives very specific, direct and remarkable advertisement activities to attract the targetted group of customers.   In this blog, we are going to know which sectors need such activities and where can it applied.

General Description

BTL stands for Below The Line, a marketing method that focuses on direct interaction to the customers with the touch and feels approach. It never requires any channel promotions like TV and Radio ads. Conversion-focused activities will happen here rather than brand building.

Example of Productive BTL activities  

Outdoor advertisement

Greater displays with fine and catchy phrase placed in public places. You often see the flags, wraps, billboards, standees, and banners of the product. You can see, many of them are placed near by highways and the places where people gathering happen a lot. 

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Mail Marketing

If you are having smartphones with n-number of apps and you are shopping freak, you definitely know what is the real meaning of activating the DND with your network. LoL. Direct mail marketing is nothing but well-narrated mail and messages directly send to the customers.

Brand Activation

Here, mobile marketing, cycle marketing, and so many roadshow marketing take place. If a specific company do these type of ads frequently which means they are trying to buildup long term relationship with its customers.

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In-store marketing

When a company introduced a brand new dress, food items, or any other product, they will need the feedback and fresh experience of the customers who tested it. In-store marketing paves the way to fulfill the company’s’ dream. Malls, shopping complexes, market areas are preferable choices for this type of marketing. POS get the ROI interestingly. 

BTL also includes brand activation, brand promotion, sales promotions, dealers and community meets, POS displays, mall promotions, product launches, exhibitions, trade shows, road shows, and the list goes on.

Why you have to choose BTL for your brand promotion?

BTL activities are never a one time job. You will use the idea again and again with slight changes. BTL activities have considerable points which give bonus points to you. The properties you use in the activation are reusable. They are easy to carry and weightless. Easy to set up and dismantle too. Your events can be easily tracked and monitored. BTL is basically conversion oriented so that you can expect better ROI and MROI. 

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